The Saturday Movement is a registered ​charity in Singapore, established 2011

Unconditional Love

Chairman’s Message for 2024

As we reflect upon another year of heartfelt service and unwavering dedication, I am filled ​with gratitude and pride for what The Saturday Movement has accomplished. Since our ​humble beginnings in 2011, we have evolved into a beacon of hope and compassion for over ​500 elderly individuals in need across Singapore.

Our mission, to provide sustenance, companionship, and solace to those struggling in low-​income areas, remains steadfast. Through the simple act of sharing a meal and lending an ​empathetic ear, we strive to make a tangible difference in the lives of those we touch.

Our vision is clear: we aspire to cultivate a world defined by kindness, inclusivity, and a ​profound sense of community. Unconditional love guides our every endeavour, ensuring ​that our outreach knows no bounds. It is not just a value, but our guiding principle, ​encapsulated in our tagline: "Unconditional Love"

Together, we are a force for good, understanding that unity amplifies our impact. We stand ​firm in our belief that collective action, no matter how small, can bring about substantial ​change. Each act of kindness reverberates through our communities, leaving an indelible ​mark on those we serve.

Our commitment to measuring our success by the tangible improvements we bring to the ​lives of our beneficiaries remains unwavering. The Saturday Movement's impact is not ​defined by statistics alone, but by the genuine smiles and renewed hope we witness in the ​faces of those we assist.

As we move forward in 2024, let us remember that it is in our shared humanity, our ​capacity for boundless love, and our willingness to take action that we find the power to ​transform lives. Together, we will continue to illuminate the path towards a brighter, more ​compassionate world. Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey.

With warm regards,

Raymond Khoo

Chairman, The Saturday Movement

Caring for the mind, ​body and soul of the ​community.

Founded in 2011, The Saturday Movement is a registered charity that befriends and cares for more than 500 needy elderly in Singapore.

Today, it provides 4,000 bread, fruit and meals every month and hosts a weekly in-person free lunch every Saturday for its beneficiaries.

Our mission and vision

The Saturday Movement started as a volunteer group ​in Lengkok Bahru in 2011 and has since grown to a ​non-profit charity organisation with over 100 ​volunteers.

Our mission is to assist the disadvantaged elderly and ​poor in low income areas through the simple act of ​providing a meal or dry rations and a listening ear. ​These beneficiaries we encounter have been trapped ​or left behind in the wake of economic growth and ​urbanisation and are unable to cope financially, ​mentally or emotionally.

Our vision is to foster a kind, caring and inclusive ​world where nobody gets left behind.

Thank you for supporting us at our inaugural ​fundraising event on 27 August 2023

Join us for our upcoming charity gala

on 27 July 2024

Date/time: 27 July 2024, Saturday 6pm onwards

Location: ParkRoyal Collection Marina Bay Garden Ballroom

Buy a table of 10 at $5K or $10K, which will fund-matching ​from the Tote Board.

Scan the QR to PayNow (include TSM Gala + full name in the ​Reference No. section) and email us with the payment ​screenshot to receive the receipt.

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Ways you can make a difference


Every dollar counts. Donate now by scanning the QR code or visit our page for monthly/one-time donation.

Our social enterprise serves up ​delicious nasi padang and food ​public. Order our nasi ambeng set ​for corporate delivery to support us ​by WhatsApping 802​34345!

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Be a corporate sponsor with regular ​donations or sponsorship of ​resources. Email us to enquire.

Thanks to those who helped us

The Saturday Movement was founded in 2011 by Raymond Khoo, restauranteur and philanthropist passionate about helping communities that have been left behind.

Businesses and partners have given their time and support to help us in making a difference to our communities.

  • Solutions17 Pte Ltd, Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, The Peranakan Restaurant, Cargill Trading, Tzion Legacy Foundation, Bakery Brera, Tan Ean Kiam Foundation, Professor Guard Pte Ltd
  • New Creation Church, Planetshakers Singapore
  • Brands for Good, The Hidden Good
  • Gardenia, NutriSoy Singapore
  • Tote Board

If you are a corporate representative looking to help, please get in touch.

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